About Us

Green Box Jewellers is a proud jeweler, Crafting Only The Best & Shiniest Jewelry Around.

When it comes to Jewelry and Fashion, We personally believe we Stand above the rest especially when it comes to Quality, Shine, and Comfortability. 

• We have worked diligently over the years to perfect our pieces to assure perfection in every piece.

• Be Strong, Be Powerful, Be Confident, make a mark on everyone that walks by  

•We believe Jewelry is a mark of love or state of fashion. It says someone loves you, even if that someone is yourself. Our exclusive collections, bridal & diamond rings, wedding bands and necklaces aren’t just beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry, but declarations of true passion.

• Why buy cheap items that will end up fading, loosing color, or ever turning your skin green? That’s were we stand out from our competition.

• All of our Jewelery is made with precious metals from .925 Sterling Silver to assure every piece looks like a $50,000 Piece and won’t end up in the garbage the next week

• We stand behind our work and if there is any issues at all, we will be by your side to fix or replace the item to assure customer satisfaction.

Business Hours:

Monday to Friday 4pm - 9pm

Text Line: Will Respond Within 1-2 Hours

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Green Box Jewellers Solely Owned & Operated by:

Joseph Wortendyke